Second year MSMS student featured on Big Ten network

Sashana GordonA graduate from the IU School of Medicine, Sashana Gordon, was featured on the Big Ten Network that premiered on January 17th, 2013.

Sashana stated that there is change that needs to happen in Kenya and she will be part of making that happen. Sashana is also a former MSMS student and was a Slemenda Scholar.

The eight-episode series spotlighted three inspirational stories of the Big Ten's outreach and impact in Africa. In Kenya, the effects of HIV and AIDS are devastating, and successfully combating the epidemic is challenging. Indiana University is changing that through one of the most comprehensive and innovative HIV/AIDS control programs in the world, treating tens of thousands HIV-positive patients in urban and rural Kenya while providing students an opportunity to spend time in the developing world, reinforcing the altruistic spirit of medicine. Called the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare, or AMPATH, the program, deemed an "academic miracle" by the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael E. Ranneberger, has earned the International Citizen of the Year Award and three Nobel Peace Prize nominations since its inception in 1989. Led by Indiana, the program includes a consortium of universities, including Brown, Purdue, Toronto and Utah in which students dedicate up to two months of service in Kenya. The program has evolved to also offer care to individuals with cancer and diabetes while assisting patients with career and agricultural training. Professors and medical students share amazing stories of conquering unbelievable odds to help save lives in these impoverished communities.

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