Application for admission cycle starts September 1 and ends March 30.  Please complete a PRE-APPLICATION first. You'll be contacted to submit an application once the Pre-Application is reviewed for program eligibility.

This program is only for educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students during the time they grew up, not in their current status. 


Are you educationally disadvantaged

NOTE:  The term "educationally disadvantaged" refers to both educational and social disadvantage. To be considered for admission to the MSMS Program, the review committee takes into consideration the following examples:

(1) Coming from a low-income family

(2) Coming from a family with limited English proficiency(English as a second language)

(3) Attending or graduating from a high school that was on probation and/or received low per capita funding (Per student expenditure)

(4) Attending or graduating from a high school/middle/elementary at which s/he was eligible for free or reduced price lunches

(5) Coming from a family that received public assistance (e.g., Aid to families with dependent children, food stamps, Medicaid, public housing)

 If you answered “Yes” to question #4, please describe the pre-college (Kindergarten through 12th grade High School) conditions that put your school and students attending at a disadvantage.

 If “Yes” to educationally disadvantaged, please provide the school district, county, the name and address and phone number of your K-12 school(s).

Are you economically disadvantaged?

If you indicated “Yes” to question #5, go to the following website to confirm your economically disadvantaged status. This table will allow you to compare your 2015 earnings to the amount you are allowed under economically disadvantaged.

 Family income levels are employed to evaluate economic disadvantage. Reference from “Family Income Levels”


Click here for FORMS NEEDED WITH APPLICATION for your convenience to upload to the online application. 


This is an invitation to apply online to the Master of Science in Medical Science Program to be completed before an interview day at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.  

Instructions for the online application:

 1. Go to the IUPUI Graduate Admissions page.

 2. In the middle of the page click on “Begin your application for graduate or professional school at IUPUI."

 3. If the student has attended an IU school before, the student will use the “logon with guest/network-id” button.
     If the student has never attended an IU school before, the student will use the “Create a new guest account” button.

 4. Activate your guest account by clicking on the link in the email you received at your personal address. Make sure you write down your password!

 5. What are your academic intentions at IUPUI (Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis)? Indiana University School of Medicine is on the IUPUI campus.

 6. Students should complete each page of the online application, paying attention to the “ * “ – required fields. To move from page to page, you will use the “Next page” button. NOTE: If you have not completed all the required fields on the page, you will see a red button appear and the following message “A response to the question is required.”

 7. “Intended Program and Plan”

Academic Program: Medicine MS
Academic Plan: Medical Science MS

 8. “Term” Summer  --  2018

 9. Application fee will be $65 payable online via the graduate application system. Instructions are available online when you submit. On the Additional Information tab of the application there is a question that asks, "Have you participated in any of the following?" DO NOT select any of the options as fee waivers are not granted. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A FEE WAIVER; DO NOT SELECT ANY WAIVER OPTIONS.

 10. Under "Additional Uploads", please submit an updated resume.

 11. If you have any questions when you are filling out your online application contact the MSMS office at or 317-278-1724.

 12. Under the tab titled “Department Information” upload the following information before submitting your application:

         Unofficial Transcript (to be attached, official transcripts should be sent to MSMS office)
         Two Recommendation Letters - An email will be sent automaticlly to individuals that you list on the application
         Personal Statement
         Legal Disclosure from Dean of Students Form (If time restraints keep you from attaching this form, official copy can be sent to MSMS office)

All forms attached to this email are for your convenience in getting all requested information uploaded to your application. You do not need to send these forms back. They are to be used as a guide line or to get the official documents necessary.

Your online application has to be submitted before you are invited for an interview.

We look forward to receiving your positive response regarding the application and interview day.

Thank you,

Vicki Bonds, M.S., M.Ed.
Director of Master of Science in Medical Science



MSMS | MS 203 | 635 Barnhill Drive | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Phone: 317-278-1724 | Fax: 317-278-5364