Course Descriptions 2nd Year

PHAR-F 818 Principles of Medical Pharmacology (3cr.): This survey of pharmacology will teach the student general principles of drug action.  Students will develop an understanding of the basic pharmacokinetc, pharmacodynamic, and pharmacogenetic principles underlying drug therapy; prototypic drugs and their adverse effects; the development of drug dependence and addiction; and an awareness of environmental toxins - Fall Class.

ANAT-D 527 Neuroanatomy (3cr.): An introductory course in neuroanatomy emphasizing the structure and function / dysfunction of the central and peripheral nervous systems - Spring Class.

MSCI-X 501 Guided Research in Medical Science (3 cr.): A basic biomedical science research
experience under the direction of a full member of the Indiana University Graduate School - Spring Class.

BIOL 55900 Endocrinology (3 cr.): The study of hormone function.  Consideration will be given to the role of hormones in growth, development, metabolism, homeostasis, and reproduction - Fall Class.

MGEN-Q 580 BASIC HUMAN GENETICS (3 cr.): General genetics and consent of the instructor.   An introduction to the genetics of human traits and heritable diseases. Emphasis will be on general aspects of eukaryotic genetics as it applies to humans, but some prokaryote genetics will be included for comparison - Fall Class.

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