Course Descriptions 1st Year

BIOC-B 500 Introductory Biochemistry (3 cr.): A basic course in biochemistry including the study of the
structure and function of biological molecules, enzyme catalysis, molecular biology of gene regulation,
intermediary metabolism and cellular regulation - Fall Class.

ANAT-D 502 Basic Histology (4 cr.): A basic course on the microscopic anatomy for the human body
emphasizing the microscopic structure of cells, major tissue groups and organ systems of the body - Fall

PHSL-F 503 Human Physiology (4 cr.): An introductory course in human physiology emphasizing basic physiological mechanisms of control with regard to membrane, neural, endocrine, reproductive, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal and multisystems physiology - Fall Class.

ANAT-D 501 Functionally-Oriented Human Gross Anatomy (5cr.): An introduction course on the basic structure of the human body including prosection of the body to provide knowledge of the structure/ function of major organ systems, peripheral nervous system and vascular supply systems - Spring Class.

MICR-J 510 Infectious Microbes and Host Interactions (3cr.): A basic course emphasizing the molecular and cellular events in microbiology and immunology which permit pathogenic bacteria and viruses to enter human cells and disrupt cell function while evading the host's immune system - Spring Class.

MSCI-X 503 Problem-Based Learning in Medical Science (1 cr.): A small group, problem-based
learning course designed to emphasize active, self-directed learning and application of basic biomedical
science to clinical problems - Fall and Spring class.

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