Guided Research

The 3-credit research requirement includes at least 15 weeks, 20 hours per week, of research work supervised by a research advisor who is a member of the Indiana University Graduate Faculty with an appointment at Indiana University School of Medicine. Special exceptions can be made with approval of the MSMS advisory/academic committee. The advisor will assign the research grade based upon the quality of laboratory performance, the student's intellectual contribution to the project, meeting updates and an oral research presentation at the end of the semester.  This academic requirement is scheduled in the MSMS curriculum to be completed during the spring semester of the second year in the program. 

If required by the laboratory the student may need to complete chemical and biological safety training before starting the research.  The research mentor is expected to provide any additional safety training in handling animals, blood-borne pathogens, and radioactive isotopes that may be needed to complete the research project.  For an example of the training sessions on lab safety and biological safety please contact or call 317-274-2005 for the Department of Health and Safety.

Selection of Research Advisor

The advisor should be involved in research that engages the interest of the student. Some academic departments have brochures that list the research interests of their faculty. Most faculty members who are active in research also maintain web pages that describe their interests.

Having identified one or more faculty members, the student can verify that they are members of the graduate faculty by consulting the current online listThe next step is to visit a faculty member and ask permission to pursue a research project in his or her laboratory. The faculty member will need to know that he or she is not required to provide stipend support, and should be advised of the expectations of the program regarding duration of the research and awarding a grade in concurrence with the MSMS program director. 



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